Eco Vortex Inc. is Western Canada’s first company to offer a long term anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti fungal coating which is applied on any surface via a nebulizer.  Unlike most surface protection products which, once applied only last minutes, our product protects for a minimum of ten days and is effective against the most common germs and viruses including MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Noravirus and Influenza.  All this protection may be applied in all areas as the delivery is through dry fog, which will not affect electronics or any other sensitive devices.  A number of European Governments have approved the nebulizer as a medical device for use in areas such as hospitals, schools and daycares, to name a few.

We also offer electrostatic spraying using the ByoPlanet sprayer which is a mobile backpack unit that was exclusively designed to provide clients, like ours, the ability to disinfect and protect very large areas in a short period of time and eliminate the threat of cross contamination. It reduces the amount of chemical waste, requires less labor and significantly improves the air and surface quality of any environment. 

We are excited to be offering smoke and odour control to homes and businesses through this innovative system.  Our company was on the ground in Ft. McMurray this summer to help homeowners and businesses clean, sanitize, eliminate the smoke smell and coat attics with our anti fungal product after the devastating fire that swept through the community.
Our company currently services clients such as the St. Albert Rugby Club, where the number of teams using the facility could number dozens each month.  With our product, our clients have noticed an elimination of the sweaty odour commonly associated with a locker room, as well as the musty odour has disappeared from the shower areas, as the biological bacteria is no longer present.  We also service schools and offices where exposure to viruses and germs are at their highest. 

As president of Eco Vortex Inc., I have over 30 years of experience in the field.  From owning a successful mid-sized cleaning business, to working with Canada’s biggest facility services company, a past member of BOMA and have ISSA CIMS-GB certification. I have encountered most, if not all the challenges that a client faces when it comes to the sanitization of their property, as well as the health and protection of their employees.  Bacoban is the first product that I have encountered that not only has a long-term efficacy, but is also safe for use on your property, as proven by our DIN certification and CFIA compliance. Bacoban also makes nonporous surfaces such as counters and fixtures easier to clean, stain resistant and soil resistant due to its Nano coating properties.


Marco Goncalves I.C.E. GB