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          COST SAVINGS

​Electrostatic spraying is a process for applying a liquid to a surface. The liquid is atomized into droplets, which are charged by the application of an electrical current as they exit the sprayer. When the charged droplets approach a surface, they induce an opposite charge on the surface. This attracts the charged droplets to the surface. The charged droplets also repel each other, preventing them from coalescing into larger droplets and allowing them to uniformly cover surfaces. Droplets can even be attracted to the backs of surfaces regardless of the direction of spray, enabling them to “wrap” around a range of surface types, such as curved surfaces. In this respect, electrostatic spraying can be considered an “active” application technology in that liquid droplets are attracted to surfaces.

Electrostatic spraying is a proven technology that has been used in the agriculture and automotive industries for years. It has offered significant advantages in both fields by enabling technicians to more quickly and uniformly treat even the hardest areas to reach. For the professional cleaning industry, this technology could be a powerful tool to help stop the spread of infection and protect public health.

• Uses 65% less solution

With normal or non-charged “passive” spraying, the coverage of surfaces is determined by the direction of spray and where the droplets fall based on the effect of gravity, and may result in uneven surface coverage.  It is virtually impossible to have 100% coverage with traditional methods unless you are flooding the surface.

A new cost-effective and efficient way to help reduce pathogens in your facilities in a way that you could never do before! In addition to better protection and area coverage, our electrostatic technology offers many cost saving advantages.

• Covers up to 16,000 square feet per hour.