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Medical offices and Healthcare facilities are a haven for viruses and germs due to the nature of illnesses the patients possess. Protect your staff and patients with us.

Vet clinics are also susceptible to not only germs and viruses to the staff members, but also kennel cough and Parvo that the animals may be threatened with.

Daycares are a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to multiply.  Electrostatic sanitization is the perfect way to protect 100% of surfaces. 

Guest safety and cleanliness is always a top priority with quality hotels.  Show your guests that you care about their health by offering them a hygienic, safe place to relax.

With all the viruses and germs that are present in schools, using us to protect students and staff is becoming a high priority for school boards and other institutions.

Our products eliminate biological bacteria, helping in eliminating the sweaty, mouldy smell usually associated with sport equipment.  

This makes it perfect for your team to sanitize and disinfect the players' equipment.

Sports facilities and locker rooms are a prime area to contract athlete's foot as well as other viruses and fungi due to the humidity present and the sharing of lockers with other clients.

We offer the following services:

Gyms/Fitness facilities are especially susceptible to bacteria, viruses and Staph infections.  Show your clients and staff that you are offering extra protection and a healthier environment through sanitization.

The highest cost to employers on a constant basis is lost time due to illness.  Workers spend at least one third of their lives at their place of employment.  Sanitizing your workspaces will save employers money in lost time and make for a healthier workplace. 

Your home is your sanctuary, a place for relaxation and comfort. Sanitize it and make it a healthy and hygienic hideaway from the world for you and your family.

Real estate agents use us to sanitize homes prior to a sale for the protection of their clients.