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Smoke/ Odours in cars

Eco Vortex is excited and proud to be able to offer our clients Biomor/SCENTtek .  Biomor/SCENTtek  is a proprietary blend of surfactants and bio-cleaning agents. The technology contains latent spores which continue cleaning and attacking odour molecules long after initial use. The active microbial break apart the source of the odour and using enzymes, digest organic matter eliminating the cause while continuing to combat the unwanted microbes for up to 80 hours after application. 

Most importantly, as Eco Vortex is an Eco Conscious company focused on offering our clients a healthier, greener choice, we are proud to divulge that Biomor/SCENTtek is a biodegradeable, green logo certified product.


*non-pathegenic microbes that are natural, safe and good for the environment.
*NPE Free.
*pH Neutral.
*DSL Registered.

Smoke/Odours in hotels

Odours in trash rooms

We can provide services tailored to the client's needs.  The following are some examples of the service we can provide:

Smoke/ Odours in living areas