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A massive thank you to Eco Vortex Inc for keeping our equipment clean and sanitized as well as a shout out to all the amazing work they are doing in Fort McMurray. Check them out and give them a follow for all your sanitization needs.


Manuel G.

October 1, 2016

​​My father had a sewer back-up a week ago in his house. Following the plumber's visit, and after a detailed clean-up of the affected areas, the house smelled, well... like a sewer had backed up!!

Eco Vortex came in with their equipment, sanitized the affected areas, and sprayed their Odor Control product. Within 12 hours, the smell was gone... It was as if no sewer back-up had occurred!!

Thank you guys, for your prompt service and great products.

Good afternoon Marco, 

Please accept my appreciation and hearty thank you for the opportunity to use your company, Eco Vortex Inc. as well as the Nanoblast product in our facility.   

As you are aware, our five change rooms, shower room, bathroom, first aid room and the weight room are all utilized to full capacity during the rugby season.  Since the introduction of Nanoblast, there is a resounding sense of clean throughout those areas. 

I am of the opinion that your product has significantly reduced the spread of germs to our players.  We have over 500 members that use our club facility,  as well as the St. Albert Minor Football programme.   Head colds and infections are normally present during our season, due to the nature of the game and the tremendous numbers of players.  Since the introduction of Nanoblast, I have seen a great reduction in those afflictions.

I would encourage any schools, fitness/sport facilities, including public swimming pools, to use your products and services.

Thanks again for partnering with the St. Albert Rugby Football Club and we look forward to continued involvement with your firm. 

Best regards,

Ian Ferguson

House Director
St. Albert Rugby Football Club.

Testimonials from clients

A true honour to have Yvonne Gruenthaler, Trade Commissioner for the Prairies tweet about our work and our products!!! Thank you for this amazing homage.

Quentin R. reviewed Eco Vortex Inc – 5 star

26 June, 2016 

Marco and his crew did an amazing job in cleaning and sanitizing my house, everything is 120%.  Thank you Marco




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